Argument of perigee change, with formulas developed by Pollard.


  • Pollard, J. E. “Simplified Approach for Assessment of Low-Thrust Elliptical Orbit Transfers”, 1997.

  • Pollard, J. E. “Evaluation of Low-Thrust Orbital Maneuvers”, 1998.

Module Contents


change_argp(k, a, ecc, argp_0, argp_f, f)

Guidance law from the model.

poliastro.twobody.thrust.change_argp.change_argp(k, a, ecc, argp_0, argp_f, f)

Guidance law from the model. Thrust is aligned with an inertially fixed direction perpendicular to the semimajor axis of the orbit.

  • k (Quantity) – Gravitational parameter (km**3 / s**2)

  • a (Quantity) – Semi-major axis (km)

  • ecc (float) – Eccentricity

  • argp_0 (Quantity) – Initial argument of periapsis (rad)

  • argp_f (Quantity) – Final argument of periapsis (rad)

  • f (Quantity) – Magnitude of constant acceleration (km / s**2)


a_d, delta_V, t_f

Return type

tuple (function, Quantity, Time)