Static module

The poliastro.plotting.static module contains the basic class StaticOrbitPlotter that is used in by other modules of the poliastro.plotting.

class poliastro.plotting.static.StaticOrbitPlotter(ax=None, num_points=150, dark=False)

StaticOrbitPlotter class.

This class holds the perifocal plane of the first Orbit plotted in it using plot(), so all following plots will be projected on that plane. Alternatively, you can call set_frame() to set the frame before plotting.

set_frame(p_vec, q_vec, w_vec)

Sets perifocal frame.


ValueError – If the vectors are not a set of mutually orthogonal unit vectors.

plot_trajectory(trajectory, *, label=None, color=None, trail=False)

Plots a precomputed trajectory.


Sets plotting attractor.


attractor (Body) – Central body.

plot(orbit, label=None, color=None, trail=False)

Plots state and osculating orbit in their plane.