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compute_flyby(v_spacecraft, v_body, k, r_p[, theta])

Computes outbound velocity after a flyby.

poliastro.threebody.flybys.compute_flyby(v_spacecraft, v_body, k, r_p, theta=0 * u.deg)

Computes outbound velocity after a flyby.

  • v_spacecraft (Quantity) – Velocity of the spacecraft, relative to the attractor of the body.

  • v_body (Quantity) – Velocity of the body, relative to its attractor.

  • k (Quantity) – Standard gravitational parameter of the body.

  • r_p (Quantity) – Radius of periapsis, measured from the center of the body.

  • theta (Quantity, optional) – Aim angle of the B vector, default to 0.


  • v_spacecraft_out (~astropy.units.Quantity) – Outbound velocity of the spacecraft.

  • delta (~astropy.units.Quantity) – Turn angle.