API reference

This page holds poliastro’s API documentation, which might be helpful for final users or developers to create their own poliastro-based utilities. Among the different sub-packages and modules, we might differentiate two big categories: core utilities and high-level ones.

  • Core API: These routines are located within the poliastro.core sub-package and could be understood as raw orbital mechanics algorithms. These kind of routines are not supposed to be used by poliastro’s users but rather by developers, since they provide low-level utilities.

  • High-level API: All logical files included in this part define the main poliastro objects such us poliastro.twobody.Orbit, poliastro.maneuver.Maneuver and their interaction with each other. In their definitions, they make use of previously presented core routines and extend them in such a way that is easy for users to solve classical orbital mechanics problems.