Core module

This module contains the basic classes for plottings in 2-dimensions and 3-dimensions:

digraph {
   "poliastro.plotting.core" -> "OrbitPlotter3D", "OrbitPlotter2D" ;

Plotting utilities.

class poliastro.plotting.core.OrbitPlotter3D(figure=None, dark=False)

OrbitPlotter3D class.

class poliastro.plotting.core.OrbitPlotter2D(figure=None)

OrbitPlotter2D class.

New in version 0.9.0.

set_frame(p_vec, q_vec, w_vec)

Sets perifocal frame.

Raises:ValueError – If the vectors are not a set of mutually orthogonal unit vectors.
plot(orbit, *, label=None, color=None)

Plots state and osculating orbit in their plane.

  • orbit (Orbit) – Orbit to plot.
  • label (string, optional) – Label of the orbit.
  • color (string, optional) – Color of the line and the position.